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Reality of the Spirit Realm

  By: Pst. Praise   2017-09-29   883

Nature and Character

  By: Prof.Olopade   2017-09-24   906

A Greater than Solomon Being rich towards God

  By: Pst. Laolu   2017-09-22   785

Inheriting through Faith and Patience

  By: Pst. Praise   2017-09-17   891

A Greater than Solomon,Wisdom to Perfect Gods Love and be more like God

  By: Pst. Laolu   2017-09-15   875

Individually Inheriting the Double Glory

  By: Pst. Olubi   2017-09-10   779

Christian Suffering

  By: Prof.Olopade   2017-09-10   804

Christian Suffering

  By: Prof. Olopade   2017-09-08   1,179

Living a Clean Life

  By: Pst. Praise   2017-09-03   772